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What To Expect?


BNI UAE's Expo 2024 is a gathering centered around the theme of 'Breakthrough,' designed to facilitate a pivotal moment of growth and advancement for professionals and entrepreneurs.

This event serves as a platform to deepen business connections, exchange knowledge, and spotlight one's business offerings. It's an environment where learning, connecting, and showcasing converge, encouraging members and the business community to engage in dialogue and exchange that spurs innovation and professional development.



Networking Workshop + Delegate Pass -
AED 400 + 5% VAT

Join Bharat Daga in a transformative workshop that goes beyond the basics, 'Beyond BNI: Mastering Networking Skills for Business Growth.' This session is designed to equip you with the strategies to not only quantify the value of networking but also to apply them effectively outside of BNI.

Learn ten actionable tactics to elevate your presence at any event, understand the power of body language and behavior in making profitable connections, and unlock new business opportunities. Get ready to transform every handshake into a meaningful business relationship and every conversation into a potential partnership.

Date - 25th April 2024, Thursday

Venue - Metropolitan Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

Time - 2pm to 6pm GST

About Bharat Daga:

Bharat Daga is a powerhouse of entrepreneurship and networking expertise, with a rich background as a Serial Entrepreneur and Executive Director of BNI Pune. His experience spans guiding 1700+ entrepreneurs, consulting on strategic communication, and contributing innovative practices to BNI internationally. An acclaimed keynote speaker and author of the bestseller "IT STARTS WITH YOU," Bharat is also noted for his involvement in elite decision-making groups within BNI. His educational achievements include a Yale University certificate in psychology. A continuous learner and adventure enthusiast, Bharat's zeal for life and success is as infectious as it is inspiring.



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At BNI, we understand that every business is unique. BNI is renowned for its vibrant networking community, where professionals come together to build relationships, exchange referrals, and foster business growth. As an exhibitor in BNI, businesses gain a unique opportunity to showcase products or services to a highly targeted and influential audience of fellow members. Being a part of the BNI UAE Expo offers you the chance to connect with a powerful audience eager to explore innovative ideas, investment opportunities, and partnerships across multiple sectors.

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Expo 2025

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